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Game-changing new weight loss medication,
 Mounjaro®, now FDA-approved.
Through 1:1 accountability coaching, 
support from your medical team, 
and doctor-prescribed medication
 like Mounjaro®, you'll achieve weight loss of
 10% or more—or your money back
What is Mounjaro® (tirzepatide)?
Like other well-known GLP-1 drugs—such as Wegovy®, 
made by competitor Novo Nordisk—Mounjaro® 
is a once-weekly injectable medication that helps regulate blood sugar levels. 
Currently, it is indicated for use in patients with 
type 2 diabetes, but it shows promise as a weight-loss medication as well.
Clinical trials found doses of tirzepatide effective in reducing 
hemaglobin A1C levels and assisting with weight loss.
 Early data suggests that it may even reduce the likelihood
 of cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke,
 although a trial tackling this question has not yet concluded.
 Mounjaro® is meant to be used alongside lifestyle changes,
 ie changes to food, sleep, and exercise. It is expected that
 the drug will work best when accompanied by coaching 
and support from trained professionals. The recommended 
starting dosage of Mounjaro® is 2.5 mg. After 4 weeks, 
doses may be increased in 2.5 mg increments, as tolerated,
 up to a maximum of 15 mg once weekly. Doses are set
 and monitored by a healthcare provider and may be 
adjusted to help patients meet their blood sugar,
 weight loss, and metabolic health goals. Where is
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